Monday, January 17, 2005


I rent from a slumblord
And he ain't got no soul
All he's ever interested in
Is money and control

He don't care if it's cold
He don't care if it's hot
He don't care if the roof leaks
Where the wood is startin to rot


He's such an upstanding citizen
Lives in a pretty nice home
And lord knows if it needs repair
He's right there with his cell phone

He has a neatly mown lawn
Setting off well trimmed trees
Because good can always get better
Better than you and me


He don't care what he hears
He dont' care what he sees
He keeps it all tangled up
In legal technicalities

Becaue all tennants are the same
We can all be replaced
We're the dependable expendables
And there's no such thing as grace

Repeat chorus:

*words end of august
beginning of september 1999


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