Monday, January 17, 2005

I'm down

That's right
I'm down....

Down to my last nickle
Down to my last dime
But I still think eternity
Is how you measure time

I'm down to my last notebook
Down to my last pen
Thinkin some games ain't worth playin
Much less tryin to win


And I
Know you have to be an oak tree
Got to have that steel in your spine
But isn't it also very true
That you just got to bend with it sometime


That's right
I'm down....

Down to thinkin half-assed
Ought to take one step back
Like if the liberty bell hadn't been rung
Then it wouldn't be cracked

I'm down to my last cup of coffee
Down to my last plate of beans
But aren't you the cutist
Thing I've ever seen

Repeat Chorus:

written at the Cafe
late nineties


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