Sunday, September 03, 2006

Like a legend

She breezes in like a legend
You can see it in her eyes
A guitar slung over her shoulder
She's got a heart that's young but wise

She's got a strange sense of humor
A song or two about love
You can talk straight to her
You don't always have to use kid gloves


I wish she'd come back in
I haven't seen her for a while
I miss her quirky friendliness
And that honest genuine smile

I like who she is
On the way to who she's gonna be
I even kinda like
That she can see through me


She works like the rest of us
At some lousy job all week
Sometimes she belts it out
Sometimes she softly speaks

I would pay to see her
If I had any money to my name
I like that she chooses talent
Over that silly (ass) lame fame game

Repeat Chorus:

about 1997-98
at the Garden Circle Cafe
transcribed this time
11:40 am



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