Monday, January 17, 2005

Heels and hose

She was wearin heels and hose
And a black knit skirt
She was lookin so good
I must confess I hurt

As she walked across the room
Sat in a chair
And that nylon on nylon
Had my soul layed bare


In the essence of neon
Shining in the night
Yeah everybody's lookin
For some kinda light

And she was the inspiration
That is hard to beat
She was one class act
And.... primal heat


And if she talked of travel
She might take a chance
But who had those tickets
On Air Romance

She was half illusion
But all real
Oh Good God Almighty
The way she made me feel

Repeat chorus:

10/30/2000..Sunday evening
Maybe 1997
From memory
lookin for my song book


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