Thursday, January 20, 2005

A mean ol woman

Got me a mean ol woman
Who don't give a damn
Who don't care about nuthin
Always runnin a scam

She's got two faces
And which one you see
Depends on what she wants
And where she might be


She can turn it off and on
Make your heart a meal
But that ain't nowhere
That ain't the real deal

And you ask how can she do it
Mess up a love true blue
Cause she lies like a rug
And she's good at it too


She got her loudmouth open
Always flappin in the breeze
Always stirrin up trouble
And doin it with ease

She's got her own truth
And uses it a lot
Hey it's not wrong
If you don't get caught

Repeat chorus:

Possibly also in 1997
transcribed this time
1:41 pm


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