Thursday, May 05, 2005

The fires of time

The fires of time

I used to watch you walk
Across the fires of time
And it left a burning memory
In my heart and mind

You were moving past the trouble
But lookin like bliss
And it left me with a feelin
Kinda felt like this

Musical display of feeling

various instrumental solos


I used to watch your face
Radiate a smile
As you looked at me
And turned the radio dial

Ah yeah scoot a bit closer
What more could I wish
Than to be with you
And feelin like this

Bend some notes

I used to watch your eyes
And knew that they could see
Way down deep inside
Both of us were free

Because the soul of rock and roll
Is worth the risk
C'mon now baby
Didn't it feel like this

Break it down

and the year
was 1997, 98
probably 97
Sir gwain to you
transcribed this time
8:08 pm