Sunday, February 19, 2006

Carved in Stone

No matter how it was asked of you
You always had somethin to say
And no matter how it ever went down
You always got your way

Because nuthin was ever what it seemed
Nobody saw through those tears of ice
Yeah nobody out there was clean on the scene
But lord everybody had to pay the (your) price


But what are you gonna do
When you're by yourself
What are you gonna do
When you're all alone

What are you gonna do
When there's nobody else
What are you gonna do
When it's....

Carved in stone


No matter how many chances you were given
You always thought that you had one more
Nobody was gonna shut you out
You were the one with your hand on the door

And too young to be responsible
But too old to be told what to do
Besides isn't it all supposed to be
Just ride for you

repeat chorus:

97 or 98
at the Garden Circle Cafe
transcribed this time
10:26 am