Thursday, January 26, 2006

Some paths

I have walked down some paths
That you would not go
Held strong to the course
And rode the wildest flow

I've climbed the highest peak
To take in the view
I had to make some decisions
About what to do


I put shadows on the page
When the sun was out
Recorded lightning bolts
Amidst the storms of doubt

I have lived in vision
I have used my wings
I have stood in silence
And dared my spirit to sing



The sky can't hold my thoughts
My heart's not bound by ground
My eyes see past the sights
My ears beyond all sound

I have laughed quite madly
At the wind the ice and rain
I have driven my blood
Till I shut out the pain

Repeat chorus:

Possible alternate lyrics
and ending below this note
depending on musical mood and


I have talked with the demons
The beast and the trolls
And be it famine or feast
At least

At least I kept it Rock and Roll

about 1997
transcribed this time
12:05 pm

You are the Hottest thing I know....

You are the
Hottest thing
I know….


I’ve known fever
I’ve known flame
I’ve known those loves
That don’t leave you the same

I’ve known mountains
Volcanic eruptions
The burning of Rome
From Caesar’s corruptions


But I’ve never seen
A woman like you
Who can do me
The way that you do

Who when

Given me the once over
Gives it to me twice
Who puts Hell fire and brimstone
Purgatory on ice



I’ve know the flash
I’ve known the spark
That brought to ash
Chicago after dark

I’ve known the roaring
Apocalyptic blazing vision
The mortal outpouring
Igniting smoldering decisions


But I’ve never seen a woman
Like you

About 1993