Sunday, January 30, 2005

She talks to me

She calls me on the phone
Just to talk to me
About her dreams
And how it will be

She opens windows
Just to smell the rain
Yeah the way she loves
Takes away the pain


And I remember what she said
About bein strong
There's more to right
Than not bein wrong

Now when the sky falls
And the night gets long
I pick up my ax
And return to the song


She says she likes the river
And the way it sings
To her it's just sort of a
Natural thing

To study wood
Collect small stones
Knowin lonely isn't only
When you're alone

Repeat chorus:

She drives over
Knocks on my door
I don't always know why
Or what for

We go to the country
Sit on a rock
Sometimes we're quiet
Sometimes we talk

Repeat chorus:

She's got a simple job
And a small place
She's not lookin for a savior
But she will share grace

She's wearin thrift store clothes
Standin in the sun
With the wind in her hair
And one button undone

Repeat chorus:

And she talks to me
Yeah she walks with me

She talks to me

about 1996
transcribed this time
11:01 am


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